Family Picture Day November 2014

Family Picture Day November 2014
Kids Laughing at Mommy and Daddy Kissing

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our November 2013

November is here! Can't believe the year is coming to an end! I love November because it is a good month to remember what you are Thankful for and it is a family month! Love being with Family for the holidays!
Baron is doing great in school and gymnastics all of the other sports are on hold during winter months. He loves school and is doing great at reading! We are definitely in a routine. After dinner it is bath time then Baron or I will read to the kids and we say prayers and put the kids to sleep. We keep Lil Baron up for 15 minutes reading with him and learning his sight words. After we are done reading, I tuck the kids in their beds tickle their backs sing Tinkle tinkle little stars. When I sing that song Baron will hold his hand in a diamond it is so cute!
One night the girls weren't going to sleep and Little Bear went and opened their door and said,"Girls go to sleep this isn't a party!" Baron and I were laughing it was too funny! This month November 9th my Dad's dad passed away. He was my last living grandfather hard to believe! He was a Great man and a wonderful grandfather! I was telling the kids that my Grandpa died and Lil Baron is very compassionate and knew this was sad thing for me. He said,"Mommy are you ok? Is your Grandma alive? I said,"Yes!" "Mommy at least you have your Grandma and you have us! Don't be sad!" What a good boy Lil Baron is! I love that my kids are compassionate and know how to show their love melt my heart!
Brecklyn is my little Mischievous one! The other day she got in the whip cream had it all over her hands, bathroom and kitchen! She is so funny! Always in to something!!
Brightlyn got into my makeup it was all over the bathroom! She loves putting on lip gloss and getting her nails painted! Brightlyn told me,"Mommy kissing a boy is yucky!"
Braycen is my little man he is a Mommy's boy! He loves me holding him and doesn't like if anyone else is getting held! He will push them right out of the way! He is saying sorry! The kids told me I was the best Mommy in the world! 
We drove to Utah to be with my family for my Grandpa Harris Funeral on the 15th and 16th it was a fast trip they kids were so good! I am so blessed to have great kids and an Amazing Husband to be supportive for me! I was so blessed to be there to celebrate his life and reflect in the Amazing man he was! 
Then on the 19th Baron parents came out to visit and be with us for Thanksgiving we had a great time being with them and enjoying their company and love. One tradition I lioke to carry on from my Grandma Jeri (Harris) is to go around the table and say what you are Thankful for, it is nice to reflect on all your blessings with your family.
A fun activity Baron and I also went snowboarding the first time this season on the 8th at Boreal Resort. It's been a long time since we both went. I think it had been 5 years but we had a great time it was like riding a bike and I think I even impressed Baron! We always enjoy being together :)! Love my Family!

Our October 2013

I love October because it is Little Bears birthday month! I can't believe 6 years ago I became a Mom and Baron became a Dad! Little Bear isn't so little he is our BIG kindergarten. He is so big that I drop him off at the curb at school and watch him run to the playground with his class. I can't believe it!! It seems like yesterday he was on his little scooter bike wearing out his shoes from scooting! I love watching him grow into the little man that he is! On his birthday week we had to have all of us get Flu shots. Baron said,"I don't want to be healthy!" He didn't want a flu shot!! All the  kids were crying and screaming in the doctors office! Looking back at it, it is funny but not when we were there! As a family we celebrated Baron 6th birthday at Chuck e Cheese! The kids love Chuck e cheese! Then for the friends birthday we rented out a Bounce house place. It was a lot of fun for the kids and grown ups. Baron had a fun birthday it was a ninja turtle theme! He was able to sit in a gigantic chair that was blow up to open presents it was really cool! Always so fun to see all the kids so happy and excited! We also had Baron's soccer end of season party with trophies and fun!! It was a fun season!
When I picked Brecklyn up from school she said,"Mommy I love making friends!" Brecklyn also told Brightlyn,"Lets be Best Friends Forever!" She is so cute what she says. Brecklyn has a big imagination and is always busy thinking about or pretending to play princess.
Brightlyn is a little mommy. I wasn't feeling good and she said,"Mommy you don't feel so good, take a bath!" Something so cute Brightlyn said on Halloween when we would go to the houses and when people would answer their door, Brightlyn would say,"This house isn't working!"
Braycen is saying more words everyday he loves saying,"Snack,snack" he will walk around the house saying it non stop too cute! He is also saying Thank you! I love hearing his first words! He loves to climb and is so brave just like how Brecklyn was they are both climbers. He is climbing up the tree house by himself! He is a little dare devil! No fear he wants to be just as big as his brother and sisters! 
We always have fun in October celebrating Baron birthday! We also had Megan Green visit from Las Vegas she was the kids babysitters in Vegas she came and spent 3 days with us! We went to a pumpkin patch with the kids. We also took her and the kids to see the Salmon at Taylor Creek went hiking and saw the Salmon Spawning. We even saw a brown bear in the distance! Really neat! This month I put the 3 kids in time out, it was so cute Braycen followed them and put his Hands on the wall and sat in time out with them! The girls had there 1st dance recital it was a glow dance party! So fun to see how they dance! They are so cute! We carved pumpkins the week before Halloween the kids love doing it. Baron and I took them to the Trunk or Treat at the church it was a lot of fun! Nevada Days Carnival with the kids.  The kids had little Primary Program! They did such a great job love watching them grow!! Halloween is always fun we do dinner in a pumpkin and we walked around our neighborhood we were the only ones treat or treating in the neighborhood we have a quiet neighborhood. We also went to a treat or treating carnival right after school! The kids had a great time, we won a basketball hoop and the kids were so excited!!

Our September 2013

We Love September, because it is Daddy's Birthday month!! This year we flew on Baron birthday to Disney World!! On the flight to Disney World the flight attendant said over the intercom Happy Birthday to Baron!! My request, it was a fun surprise for Baron :). Note to self flying on your birthday is not the best, but we made the most out of it! My Dad met us in Vegas on our connection flight to help us with the kids on the plane! Honestly, I have the best kids when it comes to traveling!! They were the Best on both flights!
We stayed at the Bonnet Creek Resort!! So Fun!! We rented a 12 passenger van ha ha!! It was a blast!! 
One of my favorite highlights is seeing the Kids get so Excited to see all the Characters and ride the rides!! Some of the highlights of our trip was Baron dressing up as Peter Pan for the Magic Kingdom and seeing Peter Pan and Wendy in the Park!! Peter Pan and Wendy took Baron to the front of the line to take pictures with them!! He was so Excited!! The girls loved the Princess Dinner and Braycen got his first kiss on the cheek at dinner from Snow White!! He thought it was so funny and so did all the kids!! Braycen was pretty funny he really learned how to drink out of a straw this trip and lets just say he loves his root beer!! Something that was so funny that happened Brecklyn had to go potty when we were in the parking lot of Disneyworld. I said,"Brecklyn their is no potty!" I turned around and she had dropped her pants in the middle of the lane peeing right in the parking lot! We were all laughing! Brightlyn loves the Ariel ride it is her favorite and she loves Ariel. 
We always stand out when we go to the parks with our 4 person stroller!! We will always get comments like,"Wow now that is a stroller or Wow a 4 person stroller I have never seen that before!! We have quite the ride!! We had a great vacation as a family!! We enjoy my Dad coming with us and being together.
Now it is back to the routine of school, gymnastics, soccer and dance!! We stay busy with activities and have fun doing them!! I picked Baron up from kindergarten the other day and I said, "How was your day?" He said," I am so tired the girls were chasing me and trying to hug me, I hope it doesn't happen tomorrow!" The life of a kindergartner love it!! Baron got Brecklyn in trouble when it was an accident. So he got sent to time out. He was really quite and said,"Mommy I guess you should spank me with a really scared look on his face!" I said,"Baron you should be spanked for getting Brecklyn in trouble, but I am going to have you go to your room because what you did was wrong. He looked at me so relieved and said okay and hurried to his room. Baron's birthday week started on the 27th the kids love birthday weeks Baron and I love making the week special for the kids.
When we got home Brecklyn is very strong willed and if you tell her no she finds a way to do it anyways! This was cute Brecklyn had an accident. I said Brecklyn you need to listen to your body. She said,"Mommy my body doesn't talk!" So cute!! We were at gymnastics and Brecklyn said,"Mommy tell them what you do, you sell body wraps Mommy!" she was trying to sell the body wraps to people. She helped me book a party. Love kids they have no fear.
Brightlyn loves to help me she loves to help with the laundry and loves being held. She loves getting one on one attention! she loves to watch tv with me while the kids are at school and Braycen is napping and loves chocolate milk. She is also, so particular she loves having a napkin whenever she eats. Brecklyn says, "Bright just wipe it with your hand!" Too funny! they are complete opposites on some things and very similar in others.
Braycen is getting Big and is so cute with his little waddle walk. He has always been in barefeet because of summer we put shoes on him on the 24th it was too funny he looked at the shoes like.. what are you putting on my feet?!? He tried walking it was like walking with ski's he couldn't  do it at first! Braycen favorite word is no and he loves drinking of of a cup with a straw it is so cute! He is getting so big!! Love all my kids and Family!! We had a great September being as a family at Disneyworld! We enjoy being together! Watching the kids faces light up when they see the characters!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our August 2013

Really?!? August!!!! Can't believe it is August!! We are finishing up summer trying to squeeze in anything and everything before we are back on the school schedule!
We have keep busy with swim lessons, soccer, dance, gymnastics and boating! We love going boating and beaching the boat and watching the kids play in the water! The kids have also gotten brave jumping off the dock! We love the Lake!
On the 7th we took the kids on their 1st gondola ride and it was Baron and I first ride in Tahoe! When we got up at the top of the mountain there was all sorts of fun activities to do with the kids and the view was amazing!! 
On August 18th we made it an official holiday "Kids Day" since Mother's Day and Father's Day the kids kept asking,"Mommy when is Kids day?" So I decided that we needed to have a kids day to show the kids how much we love them! The woke up to balloons and special fun bags to open in the morning and a Special breakfast. Then Baron and I took them to mini golf in Tahoe and did dinner at a pizza place. Ended the night watching the disney movie planes with Dad. They loved Kids Day!! On the 19th of August was the first day of school! Summer is officially over!
Baron is going to start Kindergarten where has the time gone? We had Kindergarten orientation on August 15th. Baron has a really neat teacher and he will be in all day kindergarten, school starts on the 19th! Can't believe he will be in School all day! We have kept Baron busy durning the summer with swim, soccer, golf and gymnastics. Baron is very athletic and loves having fun! He loves saying,"Mom you know that!" The other night when I was tucking him in bed he said,"I don't want to grow up and not live with you! I will miss you too much!" My heart melted!! He is such an Amazing Big Brother and Son!!
Brecklyn is full of it! She is excited to start Preschool. She will be in afternoons. She is into everything! She loves playing in the sink with her bath baby! The other day I caught her in the bathroom rubbing lotion all over the sink and toilet! She loves to get in the pantry and get treats!! Sissy is in gymnastic, dance and soccer. She really isn't a fan of soccer she says it is too much work! She is more of a dancer and Gymnast.
Brightlyn feels like a Big girl because she is finally going to start Preschool. She will be in the morning class. Brecklyn and her have the same teachers but aren't able to go at the same time because they split up the 3 and 4 years olds. She loves school and loves telling me she is going to school and Mommy is going to be all alone. She is funny! She is in gymnastics and dance! She is our little princess!
On the 8th Braycen took 5 steps he is getting so Big!! It is so cute to watch he walk he waddles and feels so BIG!! Braycen is wobbling and walking everywhere love seeing him grow! He is so cute when he is tired he loves resting his head on my shoulder holding his blanket in one hand and sucking his thumb he is adorable!!
Omi and Opa came out to visit the 18th through September 6th. It is always great to have family around!! We celebrated Omi and Barons birthday! Had a great time spending time with them!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our July 2013

I love the month of July!! Because it is the month I was born!! I have always loved the celebration of the 4th of July!! This July was a little more special because our baby boy Braycen's 1st birthday was this July!! Hard to believe a year has passed already! Where does the time go?
This July 4th this year was a totally different experience this year for us!! Normally every July 4th we go crazy with fireworks, baraques, and family!! This year fireworks were illegal except sparklers, little poppers and confetti poppers. So that was our show!! The kids still had a fun time. If you wanted to see the Big fireworks that light up in the sky you would have to go to a public place to see them. By the time the shows started our kids would be fast asleep. I love the holidays and I try to make every holiday special for my family. The night before the 4th of July I decorate the house in red, white and blue! When the kids get up they get excited about all the fun decorations. I set the table with decorations and a goodie bags for each of the kids all themed. Then The night before I start breakfast so they have a special breakfast in the morning! It is so fun to see their little faces light up and they get so EXCITED!!
We as a family love having family time together. We go to the Lake any chance we can get! We love boating and playing together!! We got the kids a little blow up pool they love it!! Good summer times! We had a lot of my family visit this month had such a great time with everyone! My Dad, Nate and his 4 girls, Mark and Taylor and Todd and Whitney!! We hung out on the boat went tubing!! Baron, Brecklyn and Brightlyn all had their first tube ride behind the boat! It was pretty scary when Baron and Brightlyn rode on the tube the tube went under water and they fell off. Brightlyn was screaming and Baron being the big brother swam over and held her trying to calm her down saying,"It's  ok Bright!"
Baron has had a busy month with swim lessons, golf, and gymnastics. He loves being busy and active! He is quite the swimmer I am such a proud Mommy! He is the only 5 year old at the pool that jumps off the high dive without a life jacket! He is an Amazing swimmer! All the parents come up to me and ask how old he is and can't believe how good he is!! Something funny Baron said the other day... He got sent to timeout and when the time was up, I said Baron why were you being such a stinker?? He said,"I don't know! You should have named me a different name!!" I couldn't keep it in, I had to laugh too cute!! When my kids do or say things like this I want to freeze time because there is nothing more precious!!! Baron started reading on the 12th. He is reading Bob Books. He is doing Amazing it is so Exciting to hear him read!! He is so talented in all he does!!
Brecklyn is full of life! Her imagination goes a mile a minute! She is always pretending and playing! I love stopping what I am doing and listen to her play! She is full of energy and likes to run the show. She came out if her room on the 4th of July saying,"Mommy I love the decorations!" She tries to keep up with Baron. She is right behind him on the small dive jumping off with her googles she has to adjust them before she jumps in! She look adorable in her hot pink swimcap and she jumps without her life jacket!! Everyone loves watching her jump off and can't believe what a great little swimmer she is!!
Brightlyn is a little helper and loves playing with Brecklyn, Baron and Braycen. She is quite the character!!! She doesn't like it if something goes unplanned!! She is very practicular and loves to be my helper!! She loves being held and getting lots of attention!! She has really become a great swimmer!! She started swimming under water by herself on the 23rd. She has a purple swim cap and pink googles she looks so adorable in her swim gear! She wants to be just like Bear and Sis! She hasnt gotten brave enough to jump off the diving board but she will be there so enough! She is very loving and loves giving kisses with fishy lips it is really cute!! She says,"Mommy hold me love me!" She is our love bug! 
I can't believe my Baby Boo boos is turning 1 year! Time goes by too fast!! He is so fun!!  I love Braycen he is so adventurous and loving!! He is definitely a Mommy's boy!! He loves me holding him when he is tired and he puts his little arm around my neck and sucks his thumb to fall asleep!!  He is my little side kick!! We had a fun birthday week for him he loved his 1st birthday!! He got a little lightening McQueen push car and ride on car! He feels like a Big boy! His other favorite gift was stroller like car he can ride on when we go for walks with the kids. He feels like he is so Big like the other kids riding his car!! It is so cute watching him turn the steering wheel and putting his little foot out trying to touch the blacktop. He loved the Birthday cake it was a Mickey Mouse cake he couldn't get enough of it!! Braycen started to stand all by himself on the 4th of July!!! On the 27th Braycen took his first step!! Hip hip hooray!! I love watching them grow!! Pretty soon he won't be our little crawler!! He crawls with his knees off the ground it is so cute!!
My birthday was the 21st! Had a fun birthday week! We celebrate all week for all birthdays in our little family! Baron and the kids made it really special for me. I was spoiled!! Best Husband, Best Kids and Best Family! Life is good!! It was really fun to have my Dad, and most my brothers here and Nates girls!! Fun times at the Lake being together!! I love being with the people I love!! 
Tutu birthday was the 31st! I am so grateful for my mom! It was so fun having her visit last month! We had a great time being together!! Love July!!